In the bible that are several places where inanimate objects like trees, stones, pastures take on human characteristics. They might clap their hands, sing praise, leap for joy and the like. Today I want to tell you about a stone that speaks. It’s the stone that closed the tomb of Jesus. You see before the resurrection that stone spoke to the world that the tomb is sealed and the grave is secure. It also said it is a memorial stone as a reminder of someone that once was alive but is now dead. It reminds us of humanities mortality and that dead is final and the grave is the final resting place for us.

However, once the power of the Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead that stone began to sing a different song. From then on it sings that the power of the grave has no effect on the child of God.  It shouts that death no longer has a sting and has been defeated.  It proclaims that the body of Jesus so no corruption and there is new life in Christ.

Hallelujah, all we have to do is acknowledge that Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins and was raised up by the power of the Holy Spirit and sits at the right hand of God almighty. By making this confession we become children of God and the power of the grace has been nullified, death has been defeated and there is New Life in Christ for us.

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Remember It’s the truth you know and walk in that sets you free.

Pastor Carl Benton