The Apostle John was issued an invitation to “Come up Higher”. Regardless of how long we have been walking with God in relationship, He is always calling us to come up higher. In order to raise our spiritual standard of living, we must have proper foundation upon God’s word. Because no other foundation will do. We must be determined to grow and be willing to change. Change does not always indicate growth but there can be no growth without change. We must determine never to go back to old things. Old things will always try to resurface in our lives. Now that we are new creations in Christ we must leave the old things behind us. Often our challenge is when we are confronted with difficulties we endeavor to handle them with old solutions. Remember we can’t gain forward momentum while dragging around our past . Next be determined to live to give. Have a purpose that is greater then ourselves. Next choose your friends and your words carefully. Your friends and your words can be limiting areas in our lives. Friends can either encourage us or depress us. Your words will either put you over or put you under circumstances. Lastly, don’t be afraid to dream big, always remember we serve a big God.

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Pastor Carl Benton