The story of the shepherds  watching over their sheep is found in Luke 2:8-20.  During the night watch an angel appears to them with great news. He announces the birth of “the Savior, Christ the Lord”.  In that one single statement he gives the entirety of the mission of Jesus.

First as Savior, He is the deliverer, preserver, protector, healer and the one who makes whole. He will save people from their sins. As the Christ, He is the anointed one of God, the Messiah. Everything He did was as a man anointed by the Holy Spirit. Being our example as to how we can overcome the challenges we face with the same anointing from God. As Lord, He is supreme authority in Life. Too often we want the benefits of salvation and the anointing without submitting to His Lordship. The full benefits here on earth of salvation and the anointing only come when we choose to make necessary adjustments in our life and allow Jesus to be Lord as well.

The shepherds heard the announcement, but that was not all they did. They immediately set out to find “this babe in a manger.” Something happened to them when they were face to face with Jesus. When they left to return to their sheep, they told everyone they ran into what they heard and saw and the people were marveling. Sure, they went back to work. But they were different, they were praising and worshiping God.

Certainly faith comes by hearing the Word and it can change your life, however an encounter with the author of the Word will overhaul your life and make you a different person.

Remember it’s the truth you know and walk in that sets you free.

Pastor Carl Benton