June first is recognized by the meteorological society as the beginning of hurricane season. Life’s storms, however, have no season they can begin at any time. New technology also us to track hurricanes from a long way off and prepare or evacuate if we are in their path.  As Christians we possess an early warning system also, He is called the Holy Spirit. Jesus said,” He would show us things to come.”  He shows us the impending storms for three reasons. First we may be able to avert the storm by making some life corrections. Second we may be able to minimize the storms effects on our lives and thirdly we can prepare and actually be strengthen in and through the storm and be stronger once the storm is over.

If we are not able to avert the storm, there are things we can do the weather the storm.

Recognize: God is not the problem, He is the answer. Always stay on God’s side. He is on our side.

Remember: God is faithful to His word, His covenant and to His people.

Realize: Why the storm has come. We may have opened the door because of unrepented sin, dishonoring God, disobedience to His Word. So we should repent and shut the door.

Respond: With the Word. His word will not return to Him void. Find scriptures that cover your case and bring it to God as His promise to take care of you.

Rejoice:  We are told in scripture to rejoice and give in all things for this is the will of God for us. We don’t rejoice because we are in a storm but inspite of the storm.

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