As we continue to Search for reality, there are several scriptural areas that we should examine. Very often the facts or feelings contradict what is biblically accurate. When we discover an area from scripture and base our life on that truth, sometimes we may not feel the same way the truth indicates.  There is always a legal or scriptural side and a vital or natural side to almost every area. Take for example the concept of redemption, the legal side is that God in Jesus has purchased the human race. The vital side is when a person accepts the sacrifice of Jesus personally. However, because of our thinking and feelings we may not feel different. We acknowledge the redemption by faith. Other aspects that have the same potential of contradiction is forgiveness, righteousness and healing.  Check out the media page for messages entitled “In Search of Reality” for greater detail and explanation.

Remember it’s the truth you know and walk in that sets you free.

Pastor Carl Benton