Through out scripture starting with Lev 11:44 God calls on His people to be holy as He is holy. To understand what holy is, we must examine the actual word, holy. The Strong’s dictionary defines holy as be consecrated to God, to be separated from worldly living and to be sanctified. Interestingly Jesus Prayer for His disciples and us in John 17:17-20 to be sanctified.

What we see in the scriptures is that God pronounces an individual holy because they have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Remember when we got born again it was our spirit that was recreated into the image of God. We still have to deal with our soul and body. Therefore, being holy is both a state of being by proclamation and process. God pronounces us holy then we begin the process of renewing our minds with His word and disciplining our bodies inline with God’s word.

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Remember it is the truth you know and walk in that sets you free.

Pastor Carl Benton