The title is my paraphrase of a common used phrase. It is important to remember that God doesn’t examine or consult your past to determine your future. We all have made mistakes, wrong choices and messes at one time or another. God’s plan for our lives doesn’t change. In order to fulfill His plan and indeed experience better tomorrow then we did yesterday, we must do three simple things.

Come to grips with our past. We can’t change what we did. We must release the hurts from others, repents from our wrong choices and walk in forgiveness toward others and ourselves.

Handle the pressures of the present with the help of the Holy Spirit. Life’s pressures will try to sidetrack, wreck or derail us at every turn. Don’t let the pressures of life be a destroying moment but let it become a defining moment for you

Lastly we must sow seed for our future. Use your time, talent and treasures as seed for your future. Remember with seed in the ground a farmer will not have a harvest. Sow your good seed in good ground and get ready for your harvest.

Pastor Carl Benton:

Remember it is the true you know and walk in that sets you free.