Battles seem to come from every direction. When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, Pharoah went after them in order to bring his labor force back to Egypt.  That is a picture of you and I. When we got born again we left Satan’s territory and he seems to be always after us to bring us back into his captivity.  Moses words,” Fear Not, Stand Still and See the Salvation of our God,”  should ring in our ears also.  We must not allow fear to enter or at least stay in our heart as it will open the door to the enemy. We should however, positional ourselves on God’s Word and stand firm. We must stand our ground spiritually, soulically and physically.

Standing in faith means we choose to praise God in the center of the turmoil. Look on the outcome with the eyes of faith, beyond the barriers that seem to surround us. Speak God’s word over you situation and see what you desire with your spiritual eyes.