Pastors Minute

No Covid-19!

In today’s Pastor’s Minute, I want to challenge you to stand and confess a portion of Ps 91. God has made a way for us to be protected from any and all attacks of the enemy whether we can see him or not. First don’t let fear enter your thinking process as it will open the door to the enemy. Second, stand in faith on God’s word. Third began to confess that according to Isa 54:17 “No weapon formed against me shall prosper!!!!” and from Ps 91Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place—the Most High, who is my refuge—no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent.

Confess this everyday! God is not taken by surprise by anything Satan endeavors to do. This in only temporary, therefore don’t lose heart.

Until next time follow God’s words to Joshua “Be strong and Very Courageous”.

LGC and Coronavirus

Dear LGC Family,

We know that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a worldwide concern and is on everyone’s minds. So, we wanted to take a few moments to send you this special note to encourage you in your faith and in some practical steps you can take.

While it’s good to be informed, don’t allow the plethora of media reports (sometimes confusing or contradictory) to create fear in your heart — rather, this is a good time for us as believers to stay anchored in the truth of God’s Word. Let your fearless faith shine as you trust in Jesus.
Let’s remember…

2 Timothy 1:7
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Psalm 91:5-7, 10-11
“Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night,
    nor the arrow that flies in the day.
6 Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness,
    nor the disaster that strikes at midday.
7 Though a thousand fall at your side,
    though ten thousand are dying around you,
    these evils will not touch you. …
9 If you make the LORD your refuge,
    if you make the Most High your shelter 
10 no evil will conquer you;
    no plague will come near your home.
11 For he will order his angels
    to protect you wherever you go.”

Thankfully, as of 10 AM on March 12, there are only a few  known cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Louisiana. Our state leaders are doing their best to prepare Louisiana for any more potential cases.

We wanted you to know, we are planning to hold our regularly scheduled services at Living Glory Church and we want to assure you that we are dedicated to offering a clean and safe environment. Our janitorial team regularly and thoroughly cleans our buildings — giving special attention to surfaces that are commonly used and touched. In addition, hand soap is available in the bathrooms and we now have a supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizers available for use at every service.  The sanitizer pumps are located at the entrance of the Sanctuary and Administration building from the foyer. Please use them as you enter either of the buildings. We will continue to monitor the situation and we will follow recommendations from federal, state and local government agencies should they be given.

As a general rule, if you are feeling unwell online viewing is the perfect way to be part of the church. You can watch our Sunday morning live services online on the Living Glory Church Facebook page .           

            The CDC has issued practical ways that you can lessen the spread of the Coronavirus — should there be any future cases in Louisiana or if you travel to places where there are cases of the virus:

•    Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
•    Stay home if you are not feeling well.
•    Cover your mouth and nose with your forearm when coughing and sneezing.
•    Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds at a time. Use soap and water when possible.
•    If no soap and water are available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with 60%-95% alcohol.
•    For the next several months, use your faith and wisdom, but consider giving your friends a wave or elbow bump rather than shaking hands or hugging one another.
•    For more:

On the practical side — we encourage you to prepare now (while there are only a few cases of Coronavirus in Louisiana) for any potential issues with supply chains or in the event of any spread or unexpected quarantines. We recommend all LGC members prepare by doing the following:

•    Be sure to refill your important prescription medicines and keep extra Tylenol or Motrin on hand.
•    Keep 14-21 days of essentials on hand — things like disinfectants, water, paper products and non-perishable food.

Finally, keep your own heart encouraged by spending time with the Lord in prayer, praise and reading His Word . We love you and we are praying for you,

Pastors Carl and Belinda

Vision 2020

Very often there is correlation between the natural and the spiritual. When is comes to sight or vision we know that there are reasons why people may have impaired vision. Likewise people may also may have spiritually impaired vision. In the gospel of John Jesus says that unless one is born again they can’t see or enter the kingdom of heaven.

Another reason a person may be spiritually blind even when they are born again is that they choose to walk in darkness or sin rather then confess the sin and walk in the light of God’s word. The remedy for spiritual blindness is to either receive what Jesus did for us on Calvary and be born again or confess our sin, repent and walk in the light.

There are a couple of other issues that can affect a person’s sight. A person may be near sighted so that the distance vision is out of focus. In the Spirit aspect, a person is near sighted when all they see the problems, challenges, offenses, fear and worried around them and can’t focus on the Good things wants to do in their life. They dwell on the immediate and allow fear to steal their future. Other people have far-sighted vision where the things near are out of focus. Individuals with this problem are always looking for the future success, the windfall prosperity, and fail to deal with the present very well. They are the dreamers, visionaries who don’t confront the present day issues or prepare for the future.

Just as there are natural means to correct impaired vision there are means to correct Spiritual vision. Next session we’ll discuss three way to begin the process of correcting spiritual vision.

Until then, Remember it is the truth you know and walk in that sets you free.

Pastor Carl Benton



Christmas 2019: Preparation

We are right in the middle of the Christmas season and for many, preparations are well underway are already completed. We do a great deal to prepare for this season and to celebrate the birth of the savior Jesus Christ. Preparation is a good thing, however if we only prepare the external we are missing the entire point of this season. The length and intensity of the preparation is in direct relation to the importance of the celebration or visitation. When we are expecting a very important guest or a very important event much time and effort is exerted in the preparation.

The first thing we do is remove the unnecessary clutter from our clutter corners in our homes. We all have them! That is the accumulation of stuff that we have not made a decision of what to do with the stuff. It is important we remove the clutter from our hearts. Too many live life with a heart so clutter with guilt, shame, condemnation, bitterness, unforgiveness and sin that there is no room for a relationship with Jesus.

Sometimes we need to rearrange our furniture for some of the decorations we put in our homes. I believe a reprioritization of our life is the next step in preparation. We prioritize our time and energies to make room for the savior in our lives.

This season is not complete without gifts to give and receive. We all want to give a useful gift. We go to great lengths to find out what we can give our families, friends and others so the gift will not be re-gifted or sit in a drawer unused. God has given us the greatest gift of All. The gift of eternal life in the package of an infant in a manger. Eternal life is not just going to heaven but having some of heaven here on earth. But what do we give God? The wise men from the scripture brought Jesus, Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. As we study what these are they have a direct correlation to our worship today. Gold represents our treasures and finances. When we make our possessions available for God’s use in His Kingdom we are worshiping Him. Frankincense, gives off a distinct odor when it is put on hot coals, and was used by the priest in the temple. This represents our prayers lifted up to God. Myrrh is a resin used in the Holy Anointing Oil in Exodus. For us this represents the anointing of God’s grace upon our lives and the talents and abilities we use everyday. When we acknowledge God’s grace is the source of our talents we are worshiping Him with the.

So in all your preparation don’t forget to do some, clutter removal, prioritization, and planning to use your life in worship to God for His gift of Jesus.

Pastor Carl Benton:

Remember it is the truth you walk in that sets you free!


Reigning in Life Pt2

   God intends for us to walk in victory in this life. Yes, there will be challenges, however those challenges should not keep up from fulfilling our divine purpose. In Rom 5:17 we read that through the “abundance of Grace and the gift of righteousness” we have the potential to reign in life. Reigning in life is a potential and possibility for every believer, however it requires revelation of God’s Word and a determination to make the right choices. Today let’s look at five key points about righteousness: Righteousness is defined as “right standing with God”, “the character or quality of being right or just”. E.W. Kenyon’s definition of righteousness is, “the ability to stand before God without guilt, shame, condemnation or inferiority.”

1.     We are redeemed, ransomed or bought with the precious blood of Jesus.

2.     We are Delivered, conveyed or transferred out of Satan’s kingdom into the Kingdom of God.

3.     We are free from all our sins, guilt, shame and condemnation.

4.     Righteousness is a free gift. It can’t be earned or bought.

5.     All our successes, victories and triumphs are in and through Jesus.

Meditate on Rom 5:17 until it becomes real to you. Remember it’s the truth you know and walk in that sets you free.

Pastor Carl Benton


Reigning in Life Part 1

Romans 5:17 (NKJV)
17 For if by the one man’s offense death reigned through the one, much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.)

I love the above scripture because it gives me a promise that no matter the battles I may face, or the struggles I may have in life, God will always help me to overcome. I want you to notice that because of Adam’s failure, death reigned. The death cycle was released on planet earth by Adam’s treason. All men are born under that cycle of death. In Scripture there are three types of death. First is natural death. That is when our bodies are no longer alive due to age, sickness or accident. The Second in spiritual death. That is being separated from God. When Adam sinned, he died spiritually but not physically at least not immediately. The Third is called the Second Death. That happens when a person who is “spiritually dead dies naturally”, they will forever be separated from God and heaven. They are relegated to be eternally without God.

Praise God, He made a way to move from the death cycle into a LIFE cycle. This move is not automatic, even though the avenue is available for every person born into planet earth.

Stay tuned as we will delve deeper into this scripture in future post.

Remember it is the truth you know and walk in that sets you free.

Pastor Carl Benton



Solving the Identity Crisis.

Where do you get your identity?

There are a number of factors that people use to determine their identity. Some use their associations, occupation or political and social movements, others identity with a gender or race and still others identify with some even god or bad in their past. In past years people’ identity have become blurred and confused. While trying to be inclusive and politically correct many have misplaced their identity.

Since God created humanity, only He can give us our true identity. That identity will superceede and transcend any other methods of identification. Certainly natural identification is important, but when circumstances change that cause us to no longer be within that group or occupation we must have an underlying identity so we won’t be shaken. Our spiritual identity is such. We must realize that our purpose if life and our destiny in life are inseparably linked to our identity. If we fail to discovery our true identity will never find our true purpose for life nor will we be able to fulfill the destine we were create for.

Eph 2:10 says, ” We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.”  1 Cor 5:17,”If any man is in Christ he is a new creation, old things have passed, all things have become new.” These two scriptures state the we have a new identity in Christ and a New purpose in Christ. As we study God’s word we discover who we really are and what we have been called to do on earth.

Ask yourself, Have I made Jesus the Lord of my life? If not, do that now, that is the first step of discovering your true identity.

New time well consider several characteristics of our new identity. Until then remember it is the truth you know and walk in that sets you free.

Pastor Carl Benton

Touched by Grace

In the gospel of Mark 1:38-45 we read the account of a leper who approached Jesus and fell on his knees to worship Him. He made a statement in the form of a request, ” If you are willing you can make me clean.” Jesus said I am willing, “be clean!” immediately his lepersy left him.  This man was identified as a leper because of a skin condition. So often our identity is derived from some event or condition we have experienced. We should receive our identity for scripture. Remember you are not what you did, or what happened to you, or what others say you are. You are what God says you are, bought, righteous, redeemed and a child of God Himself. This man was given the name leper, however he approached the man with the name that is above every name. At the Name of Jesus even the name lepersy must bow to Jesus. Jesus reached out and touched this man.

Both, Jesus and the leper broke every religious rule of the Day. Sometimes desperation will drive you beyond your fears, your shame, your smell, your external condition. Sometimes faith looks like desperation. Sometimes Grace will reach beyond the limitations of the mind, caution of the flesh. In that day it was thought that when the Unclean touched something clean the clean became unclean. Praise God when Grace touches the unclean, the unclean becomes clean.  Grace is contagious.

Regardless of when you are, what you have done, what condition you are in, come face to face with Jesus who is full of Grace and receive your touch of grace today.

To listen to the full audio or video message, go to the Media page and select the appropriate link.

Remember it is the truth you know and walk in that sets you free.

Pastor Carl Benton


Raise Your Expectations- Continued

This year I want to encourage you to raise your expectations to a higher level. Basing our expectations on the promises of God are essential for every christian. 2 Corinthians 1: 20 says, “All of the promises of God in Him are yes and In Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.”  It is these precious promises that St Peter is referring to when he says, “we can be partakers of the Divine Nature of God.” Some of the aspects of God’s Nature include His faithfulness, His Mercy and His Love. To view the complete message go to Facebook Living Glory Church page and click. I trust that 2019 will be an extraordinary year for each of you. God is always working out things for your advantage. Be Blessed, Pastor Carl Benton


Raise Your Expectation!

We’ve moved into 2019 in full swing. I felt like the Lord told me to “Raise Your Expectations” for 2019 and not to base my expectations on my experience of 2018 or the past. He is intending to do much more then we can imagine. Remember if 2018 was an outstanding year, God can do even more in, for and through you in 2019. If 2018 was a terrible year, He always makes things work out for the good of those who love Him and are endeavoring to follow His plan for their life.



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