In today’s world we all have our houses locked, our cars locked, possessions are under lock and key. We here about cyber crime and are urged to secure our information like bank accounts, social security numbers, investment accounts. I believe we should be very careful with that information. However, with all the physical and cyber security we may fail to realize we need spiritual security as well.

As we examine any weaknesses in our defense naturally we should also examine our spiritual lives for any weaknesses in our spiritual defenses. Here is a list of potential areas we should examine.
1. Past hurts, offenses, can be an open door if they continue to be issues if our lives.
2. Our words of murmuring and complaining about our life, how unfair things are, can be a drawing the attention of the wrong spiritual elements.
3. Failure to tithe to your local church.
4. Having a “Know it all attitude” is pride that God resist yet opens the door for the thief in spiritual things
5. Lack of knowledge can be an open door.
6. Deception comes in three forms: Traditional Deception – This is how we have always done it.
Doctrinal Deception – Deception based on an improper interpretation of scripture
Experiential Deception – This runs in my family, “Things never go my way ” attitude.
7. Laziness, when we don’t make time to pray, read our bible we are way too busy and are lazy in spiritual things.
8. Disobedience and Sin. Failure to live according to God’s word opens the door for Satan
9. Uncontrolled or Misdirected Anger is another area that Satan will use to infiltrate our lives.
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Thanks for reading.
Remember it is the truth you know and walk in that sets you free.
Pastor Carl