Life is a pressure cooker. Pressure in life is common to everyone. People handle pressure in different ways. Some use alcohol, some use drugs, both legal and illegal others simple check out of the flow of society. In order to handle the pressures of life we must realize that we are going to have to push back against the pressure. We should put an active positive pressure against the pressure that is all around us. I call it ” Functional Resistance.” There are three step to the process.

First, we must “PRESS IN” to the Presence of God, His Holy Word, and into the Name of Jesus.

Second, we must “PRESS ON” in Faith, In Praise, In our prayer language.

Third, we must “PRESS THROUGH” Fear, Depression, Loneliness and the lies of Satan.

Do these three things will apply “Functional Resistance” to the pressures of life.

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