It is very obvious what season we are in. The stores are all decorated with Christmas items, playing Christmas music and the TV advertisements are robust with the newest gadgets, clothing and sparkly things.  Many people choose to decorate their homes inside and out for this holiday season.  We must always remember that “Jesus is the reason for the Season.” When we choose to decorate out homes there is at least four stages in the process. First we clean, second we rearrange furniture, third we decorate and finally we exchange gifts on Christmas day.

When we look at these from a spiritual perspective we can see the same four stages in our preparation to receive Jesus into our hearts. First, we must clean out the clutter from our hearts. Things like bitterness, anger, worry, offense, malice, and the like for our hearts to be a welcome place for His presence. Second we must rearrange our priorities. Too often things, activities, and life in general takes precedence over our relationship with the King of Kings. Third the decorations are added to the house or tree or both. You see God want to decorate our lives so we can be visible to the world around us. He wants to decorate our lives with blessing and the fruit of the spirit so the world can see how good He is. Lastly, we exchange gifts. God’s gifts to us include, Jesus, Eternal Life and the Holy Spirit. We must be willing to accept His gift of eternal life. Remember it is a free gift. Jesus is described as an “indescribable gift.”  Our gift to Him is simply, our heart, worship, talent, time and obedience.

When we prepare properly for Christmas we become the voice crying in the wildernesses around us. The wilderness is the barren places that are void of the Spirit of God. So our lives call out into the Marketplaces, Universities, Business, Government, and even churches to make straight the way of the Lord.

Have a Merry Christmas! Pastor Carl Benton