All of us experience pressures in life. Many times the pressure becomes so great that it can call health and mental illness. The way we handle this pressure will determine the outcome in our lives. The result can either be positive or negative. The Word of God tells us to apply active positive pressure to the pressures of life for the desires “good”outcome. James 4:7 says that we should “submit to God, Resist the devil and he will flee.” That is positive pressure being applied. How do we resist the devil. We should do three things. First we must PRESS IN – to God’s Presence, God’s Word, and the Name. Second we will have to PRESS ON – In Faith and In Praise. Lastly we continue to PRESS THROUGH – Fear, depression, and the lies of Satan.

Remember don’t stop doing what you know to do because of something you don’t know. God has called us to be more then conquerors in Christ, when we apply this active positive pressure we will overcome the pressures of life.

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